PlayBox for iOS

PlayBox for iOS No Jailbreak

Download the official PlayBox app to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without jailbreak. PlayBox is the new alternative to MovieBox, Show Box, and PopcornTime. PlayBox allows you to stream movies, TV series, cartoons, and anime in HD from your iOS device. It supports iOS 6+ and is confirmed working for iOS 9.0.2.

For the Android tutorial, click here.

*UPDATE* Download the new Cinema Box app (from the creators of PlayBox HD) here.

How-to Install Play Box to the iOS

This new tutorial is confirmed working for iOS 9.0.2 and lower.

Method #1

1. Download and install vShare (Unjailbroken) here:

vShare (Unjailbroken) Download

Download vShare Unjailbroken

2. Press ‘Install

Install vShare

3. Open vShare and press ‘Trust

Press Trust

iOS 9+ users: You will receive an Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop-up when opening the app.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer

Go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘Profile‘ > ‘Haiyang Yi Zhuo Fuzhuan…‘ > ‘Trust…’ > ‘Trust‘ again to trust vShare. You will now be able to run vShare.

How to Trust vShare

4. Type ‘PlayBox HD’ in the search bar and hit ‘Search

Search PlayBox HD

5. Press the download icon

Download PlayBox HD

6. Once Play Box HD is done downloading, it will ask you to install it. Press ‘Install

Install PlayBox HD

Play Box will now be installed to your device and can be accessed on the home screen.

Note: If you are unable to install vShare or PlayBox, please try again later. Users who could not install have reported success when trying again the next day or so. Please also note that if you restart your device, vShare and all apps installed via vShare will crash. You will need to uninstall then reinstall the apps again.

PlayBox HD Installing

Method #2

1. Download PlayBox HD here (Press ‘Install App’):

PlayBox HD Download

Download PlayBox HD

2. Press ‘Install

Install PlayBox HD

3. Open PlayBox HD and login with:


password: HDbox003

Login to PlayBox HD

Old Method:

1. Go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘Date & Time‘ and roll the time back to January 1.

Roll Back Date and Time

2. Download the PlayBox here:

Official PlayBox HD .IPA

3. When prompted, hit Install.

Install PlayBox

4. PlayBox will now begin to install. The first time you open PlayBox, you will be prompted with an Untrusted App Developer warning. This is normal and appears for any app installed outside of the App Store. Simply press Trust.

Untrusted Developer

You are allowed to install the app without rooting your device or going through the App Store because PlayBox is signed using a corporate license.

Play Box Installed

Overview of Play Box

PlayBox offers a wide selection of movies and TV series including the latest releases and many older popular films/series.

PlayBox Side Menu

By clicking on the Menu icon, users can sort by Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, or Anime.

PlayBox Settings

PlayBox offers the ability to download videos to play offline as well as add videos to a favorites list to watch later. Users can view videos in HD or lower the quality to improve viewing on lower bandwidth. PlayBox includes a Kids mode.


  1. Hello I own an iPhone 6 plus and I had this app working yesterday and today I did software update not even thinking it through 100 percent… And now this app won’t open at all. I now have iOS 8.1.3. Will there be an update soon to support this issue? I really enjoyed the app the little bit that I had it.

    • Please try rolling the date back to Jan 1st and then open the app. After opening the app, you can revert the date back.

  2. I cannot get this to download. I set the date back and still won’t download. I’ve tried multiple sites and still nothing. Running ios 8.1.2. Please help!

    • The issue should be resolved shortly. Please try again later. It is working for older iOS versions.

  3. NO JAILBREAK / IOS 8.4 beta working just fine and installed it with no issues. Thank you mate. IPhone6+

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